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Who is Aysun TEK ?

Aysun Tek graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Sociology in 1999. In 2004, Aysun Tek received an English Teacher Education Certificate from Hacettepe University. In 2006, she completed the Human Resources Certificate program organized by ABiGEM under the leadership of leading Human Resources professionals. In 2015, she became entitled to take the ICF approved coaching certificate and started to work as a professional coach.

Meanwhile, she took Points of You Practitioner certificate which is accredited by ICF and “TA 101” & “TA 202” trainings which are organized by Transactional Analysis Association and given by Dr Phil Anthony


She started her business life in Ankara with a training project at the Ministry of Culture. After returning back to Izmir she has carried out a variety of tasks related to the training organization at the operations department at Space Camp Turkey.

At Tesco Kipa Distribution Center, she undertook the tasks of planning and organizing of in-house training, the preparation of the training infrastructure for options program, which provides career opportunities for employees. In addition,she took part in performance evaluation and measurement of employee satisfaction.


She worked as Training and Development Consultant in Artı Management Consultancy. She has also provided HR Consultancy and personal development training to companies in different sectors.

Since 2010, she has carried out Project based works and provided consultancy in different sectors. Her outstanding work includes consultancy for updating HR Processes , TNA, Personal Development & Motivation, Corporate Value Workshops and Structured Conversation Clubs for natural leaders of the companies.

In parallel with these processes, she has coordinated the production of two Diesel Duck boats with American and Bulgarian flags named Jackson and Jazz. She has taken the role of a solution producer that brings together the field information such as translation, organization, team / conflict management between foreign boat owners and Turkish manufacturers and suppliers.

She has been teaching at Global Kariyer Dünyası, for the Human Resources Certificate Program for many years and joined the classes as a guest trainer at İzmir Economy University for Bachelor's Degree students in the Business Administration Department and at Ege University for HR postgraduate students . She was invited as a guest speaker and trainer for various events organized by various foundations.

Aysun Tek, who continues to provide coaching service for both domestic and foreign business people as a Professional Coach, has founded her own company in 2019 after years of experience in her field.


She is a member of "Geleceği Paylaş", which is an NGO formed by bringing together the experts, academicians, public and private sector representatives and volunteers, in their own field . She continues her volunteer role as a consul at InterNations Izmir, which is an worldwide expat organization.

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