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It's Not You, It's Me

Although each of us is the writer, the hero and the director of our own lives, our screenwriting role has a different impact. Whatever the settings or circumstances are, the hero always does what the screenwriter writes.

In this training, we will walk through the corridors of our minds and explore the reason why we’ re doing things in a certain way and why the certain things constantly happening to us. 

We will see how our perception of life is and discover in which role we stand when  communicate wih others .


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Put Some Color

I'm stuck. Am I doing the right thing? It always happens like this. I cannot decide. I was wrong again.

I can't get out of it. Why is everybody breaking me down? What do I really need?


Although life may seem like the sum of what happened to us, it is actually a movie in which we got the leading role! It is up to us to turn that movie into a drama, a comedy or a horror movie with  the  perspective "we know".


Therapeutic cards, colors and lots of joy will accompany us throughout our Workshop.

Our Motto is to embrace different perspectives!





I' m So Confused

We all communicate with each other and have conflicts at times. Sometimes we do it  within ourselves. Well, while all this is happening, who is in the captain?


 "I’ m So Confused" is a Personal Awareness Workshop, where we will meet the actors who have accompanied us in our minds throughout our lives and find the one who runs the show in our internal conversations.






Love Me This Way

At the end of the day, we all want to feel loved. However, the way we express love may be different.


If you feel like you cannot get the love you expected, may be it is about speaking in different love languages.  


We are waiting for you to find out in which languages ​​you love and be loved and discover a fun way to look at life from a different window.








Make Room For The New

The things that we can't get rid of even though they don't work for us and make us feel bad, are the representatives of our emotional burdens in material life.


Is there a chance that, the things we can't get rid of, become an obstacle for attracting "the new" into our lives? Or, may be it's  a sign?







Out Of Habit

What we do "out of habit" says a lot about the course of our lives. So what determines our habits?


What can we do to form habits that will make us happy or avoid those that make us unhappy?


Since each of us is as unique as a fingerprint, apart from the bare minimum commons, our ways of forming habits will also be different.




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It Didn' t Hurt...

The words we hear from our parents as children become our inner voices as we become adults. Suppressing our emotions when we encounter challenges, makes us forget how we "really" feel, in time.


However, the way to develop resilience against difficulties is neither eliminating our emotions nor being overwhelmed by them.

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