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Aysun has a natural talent to reach people. She made me discover the tools to identify my talents which helped me to better understand my own behavior and to see beyond cultural biases. As a consequence, I now perform better as a manager and also as a person.  

Lucien Debons

Business Developer


Aysun Tek is very good at coaching, leadership skills development and corporate trainings. I acquired coaching service from her during 2018 & 2019. I enjoyed a lot all the sessions and definitely it was very useful. I highly recommend her as a Professional Coach for business purposes. Beyond that, she is bringing a different point of view for daily life as well. Thanks to Aysun for all the support!

Erdem Ergin

Crop Protection

Business Manager

Syngenta Türkiye

‘’ I am pleased to meet with Aysun Hanım It was a good match that her navigated expertise which allow my team discovering efficient working systems &  self-awareness  improvement eras beside that  team leads reshaping management skills improvements. She has very strong communicative frequency every and each different type of human personalities. Thanks for her effort and support during Team Building process..  ‘’

Head Technical & CPD  

Crop Protection Syngenta TURKEY

She is a trainer who warms you up with her energy and smile. Her energy never ends during the training period and she passes the good vibes on to the participants.

The personal awareness I gained after each training and the sharings I had with her are so valuable.

Especially the training called “It’ s Not You, It’s Me” was an excellent training which  made me discover a lot about myself. I am able to experience my gains in my business and social life now.

We got to know each other again with my teammates with whom we received the training. Our perspective on the problems and our expectations from each other have changed.

Thank you very much for increasing our awareness and helping us reflect it into our lives ...

Pelin Çorlu

Sales Support Specialist

Customer Relations Representative

Syngenta Türkiye

Our trainer Aysun TEK, with whom we have been working together in our Human Resources Certificate Programs and Corporate Development Programs for about 10 years, has a special place for us. She has always added value to us and our students having a good command of  her training subjects, strong communication skills and being versatile person. 

The blending of her knowledge in the field of Human Resources, field work experience and her experience as a Professional Coach creates an advantage for the companies she delivers trainings.

We are very happy that we’ re working with her. We wish her continued success in her career journey.

Ece İlhan

General Coordinator

Global Kariyer

My team and I had the opportunity to work with Aysun Tek within the scope of “HR Development Project” for SYNGENTA Southeast Europe Vegetable Seeds Unit. Aysun, made training needs analysis for my Antalya, Bursa and Adana Vegetable Seeds teams within the scope of the project; she conducted the processes of providing the determined trainings and coaching for the team managers to develop their leadership competencies. After the project ended, we continued to receive many personal awareness trainings and coaching services from her for my team.

Throughout te project, we followed the improvement in “chain processes” together by adopting the perspective of making use of the team's personal differences and identifying & supporing the required competencies. We have gained the awareness of our differences in the agricultural sector we exist in. This have added many values ​​to our growth line and I hope we will continue to add new ones with new projects in the future.

Ertan Sönmez

Head of Vegetable Seeds

Syngenta Türkiye

We carried out numerous leadership development projects at İnci Holding with Aysun Tek. Thanks to Aysun's high energy and positive contributions, our team both learned and had fun at her trainings... Hope to work together in new projects ...

Füsun Toros

HR Director

Dikkan Group

Aysun worked with independent departments and teams within the scope of "EBSO Change Transformation Project", of which I conducted the communication phase during my period as the Director of ABIGEM. She supported the Project for about a year in the subjects of revising and renewing human resources processes; guiding the teams to the same route on the way to the target of the Chamber; determining the action steps at the point of being a team and taking action. Her guidance, high motivation and positive energy.contributed so much to gain highly productive outcomes.

Besides this Project, Aysun  also gave many trainings that were in demand, which we organized within ABIGEM as open to general participation.

With our endless thanks for her efforts ...

Arzu Berk

Board of Directors Coordinator

Kastaş Sealing Technologies

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